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Credit Cards 'readily Accepted Worldwide'

This could be the ideal option to pay for goods abroad.

Australians considering their financial options as they look to travel abroad might like to note credit cards are mostly accepted all over the world, according to one industry expert.

General manager of Visa for Australia and New Zealand Chris Clark said brands, such as his own organisation, can be used in the majority of places and tend to come with a zero liability policy for the subject of fraud or theft, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Those looking to take their Aussie credit product abroad might like to be aware they may have to activate the pin number on their device before entering another nation, even if they have never had to use it in Australia.

This is because in some countries the cards will only work with the pin number.

Moreover, according to vice-president of global prepaid (Japan and Asia-Pacific) for Amex James Mirfin people can get mostly the same positive elements of debit and credit cards from using a travel card.

He noted individuals are able to preload it with foreign currency before they go away and it can be used to withdraw money from ATMs overseas, which are usually charged, however there are no transaction fees.

In addition, people might be pleased to note that with a travel card it is possible to lock in the exchange rate and therefore avoid trawling from place to place looking for the best deal in a foreign country.

But those who have their travel insurance attached to a credit card should be careful as manager of dispute resolutions for the Financial Ombudsman Service Graham Warner was recently quoted in the publication as saying this is a "tricky area".

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